Welcome to the Town of Covert

7:00 PM - JANUARY 09, 2017

Open Meetings - Pledge of Allegiance.


1) That for the year 2017 the Town Board sets 50 cents per mile reimbursement as mileage allowance for personal vehicles used by Town Officers while performing official duties other than attendance at Town Board Meetings or Town Court Proceedings.
2) To authorize that Community Bank, N.A., Interlaken Branch, be designated the official bank of the Town of Covert and Town Justice Schmidt and the Supervisor be authorized to invest town monies consistent with the requirements of New York State and with appropriate consideration given to elements of safety, liquidity and yield.
3) To authorize Highway Superintendent MacCheyne to spend up to $500.00 per purchase to acquire equipment, tools, and implements and $1,000.00 for repairs during 2017 without prior approval of the Town Board.
4) To designate the Interlaken Review as the official newspaper of the Town of Covert for the year 2017.
5) To appoint Christopher Bulmahn as Dog Control Officer at the budgeted Salary and 50 cents per mile to Beverly Animal Shelter for the year 2017. A $10.00 per day fee for each dog will be charged to the owner upon redemption of impounded dog from Beverly Animal Shelter plus a $15.00 a day pick up fee.
6) To appoint John Poludniak as Code Enforcement Officer at the budgeted Salary and 50 cents per mile for the year 2017.
7) To appoint John Hunt as cleaner to the Town of Covert Municipal Building, at the wage of $9.70 per hour for the year 2017.
8) To appoint Ralph E. Jones as cleaner at the Town of Covert Highway Department, at the wage of $9.70 per hour for the year 2017.
9) To appoint Charles R. Freese as maintenance person of the Town of Covert Municipal Building, at the wage of $9.70 per hour for year 2017.
10) To allow Supervisor Reynolds to file his 2016 annual report with the Town Clerk by the same date and in the same matter as Annual Report is required to be filed with the State Comptroller. Such authorization is allowed by Town Law Section 29 (10a).
11) To appoint Mr. Raymond Zajac Sr. to mow the lawns at the Municipal Building, Town Hall and Covert Cemetery for an amount not to exceed $2,210.00 for the year 2017-2019.
12) That the salaries of all elected and appointed officers shall be the amount indicated by the currently effective resolution or the amount budgeted in the 2017 budget. The Highway Superintendent shall set wages of hourly highway employees with concurrence by the Town Board, within the limits of the Highway Budget. Payment of salaries and wages shall be at times and dates that are legally permissible and mutually acceptable to the Supervisor and the recipients.
13) Review the Personnel Policy and Procedures Handbook.


Highway Superintendent MacCheyne appoints Glenn Boyes as Deputy Highway Superintendent for 2017. Town Clerk appoints Leslie Adams-Compton as Deputy Town Clerk and Registrar of Vital Statistics, Tax Collector. Wage shall be $ 10.00-10.25 per hour. Town Justice Eileen Schmidt appoints Mary Gregg as Clerk to the Town Justice. Salary shall be as budgeted for the year 2017.

Supervisor Reynolds makes the following appointments for 2017:

Bookkeeper and Secretary to the Supervisor - Diane Bassette Nelson
Budget Officer - Michael Reynolds
Deputy Supervisor - Gary Hunt
Town Assessment Committee – Michael Reynolds and Bill Bishop
Historian for the Town – John Hunt
Highway Committee - Gary G. Hunt, Chairman and Bill Bishop
Courts, Ordinances & Law Enforcement – Gary Hunt, Chairman and Bill Bishop Utilities & Insurance – Gary Hunt, Chairman and Bill Bishop
Personnel – Jeffrey Vann, Chairman and Leon Anderson
Buildings and Grounds - Gary G. Hunt, Chairman and Jeffrey Vann
Fire & Ambulance –Leon Anderson, Chairman, Jeffrey Vann, and Michael Reynolds
Planning and Land Management Ordinance- Jeffery Vann, Chairman and Leon Anderson

Any appointments which may have been overlooked shall continue to be filled by the incumbent subject to review by the appropriate appointing authority.


1. Oath of Office- Supervisor Reynolds
2. Approval of December 28, 2016 year-end meeting minutes.
3. Presenters: Jeff Williams- County Transportation
4. Highway Superintendent
    a. Report
5. Town Clerk:
    a. Clerks Monthly Report / Tax Report
6. Committees: Councilman Hunt, Councilman Vann, Councilman Bishop and Councilman Anderson
7. Supervisor Michael Reynolds:
    a. GAR Assessment
    b. Variance Request
8. Attorney for Town: Patrick Morrell
9. Resolutions:
    a. Supervisor Income & Expenditure Report
    b. Approve Town Clerks Report / Tax Collector
    c. Approve Highway Report
    d. Code Enforcement Officer Report
    e. Dog Control Office Report
    d. Set Date to Audit Town Clerk and Court 2017 books
    f. Variance Request
10. Petitioners to the Board

Audit Bills. Approval of Bills.

Town Clerk

Phone: 607-532-8358
Fax: 607-532-4203


8469 South Main St.
Interlaken, NY

Mailing address:
Town of Covert Town Clerk 
PO Box 265
Interlaken, NY 14847-0265

Town of Covert Court

Justice E.M. Schmidt

Court In Session 1st & 3rd  
Mondays @ 10:00 am

Municipal Building

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