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October 11, 2021 7:00 P.M.

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Proposed Local Law G Establishing Watershed Protection Law

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Seneca County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing at the Papa Bear Building, Three Bears Complex, Main St., Ovid, NY, at or about 6:00 P.M., on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 to receive comments on proposed Local Law G of 2021, “A Local Law to Establish the Seneca County Watershed Protection Law” to address the need to protect the waterbodies, watersheds, and drinking water sources in the county from wastewater containing harmful bacteria, viruses, and excess nutrients; and to help prevent people from unknowingly purchasing properties with a septic system that is failing or likely to fail; and to bring Seneca County in-line with other municipalities in the region and across NYS.

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Local Law to Opt-Out of NY Cannabis Law

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Seneca County Vaccination Clinics

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Local Law 2-2021 Senior + Disabled Partial Exemption for Property Tax

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Highway Superintendent MacCheyne appoints Glenn Boyes as Deputy Highway Superintendent for 2021.
Town Clerk appoints Brian Quan as Deputy Town Clerk, Registrar of Vital Statistics, and Tax Collector. Wage shall be $14.64 per hour.
Town Justice Eileen Schmidt appoints Jeanne Rykbost as Clerk to the Town Justice. Salary shall be as budgeted for the year 2021.

Supervisor Reynolds makes the following appointments for 2021:

Bookkeeper to the Supervisor - Seneca County Finance Department
Budget Officer - Michael Reynolds
Deputy Supervisor - Deborah Nottke
Town Assessment Committee – Michael Reynolds and Brayton Foster

Historian for the Town – John Hunt
Highway Committee - Bill Bishop, Chairman and Brayton Foster
Courts, Ordinances & Law Enforcement – Brayton Foster & Bill Bishop
Utilities & Insurance – Bill Bishop, Chairman and Deborah Nottke
Personnel – Deborah Nottke, Chairwoman and Todd Wyckoff
Buildings and Grounds - Bill Bishop, Chairman and Todd Wyckoff
Fire and Ambulance – Deborah Nottke, Chairwoman, Todd Wyckoff and Michael G. Reynolds
Planning and Land Management Ordinance - Brayton Foster, Chairman and Todd Wyckoff
Any appointments which may have been overlooked shall continue to be filled by the incumbent subject to review by the appropriate appointing authority.

Covid-19 Updates

New York Farm Bureau will be posting daily alerts at this time to keep you up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 news that may affect you, your farm family and employees. For the latest news and resources Click Here.

Letter to the Community

Residents of Covert,
I trust this message will find you all healthy and safe. So much is happening concerning the Coronavirus and how this has impacted our daily lives. Due to these many changes, communication and updates are key to a successful healthy and positive outcome.

Governor Cuomo has issued a 100% Stay home order with essential services exceptions. To view this list go to Website: coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home For information on COVID-19 and Paid Family Leave Act, go to dol.gov/agencies/whd/fmla/pandemic

On Friday 3/20, 1 pm, Government Officials were invited to join a conference call with Congressman Tom Reed. Many local officials took this call. One of the takeaways: Small Business Administration has approved all of NY State for the Federal Assistance Program. $2 million in funding to maintain payroll and operations that are due to COVID-19 crisis. If you need assistance or have further questions, please take this opportunity to Apply here is the SBA Disaster Loan site: disasterloan.sba.gov/ela

If you have any questions feel free to contact Supervisor Reynolds or one of your council members . We are in this together. Stay calm and vigilant.
-The Town Board of the Town of Covert

The Town of Covert Assessors' Office located at the Town Hall will be closed on July 15th. Department of Assessment is still open for business at their Ithaca office, M-F 8:00am to 4:30pm. You may reach them by calling 607-274-5517.

Town Clerk

Phone: 607-532-8358


8469 South Main St.
Interlaken, NY

Mailing address:
Town of Covert Town Clerk 
PO Box 265
Interlaken, NY 14847-0265

Town of Covert Court

Justice E. M. Schmidt

Court in session: 1st Monday at 10AM, unless otherwise posted

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Assessment Roll Info

Available on the Seneca County 
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