Town Justice

Town Justice, Hon. Eileen M. Schmidt
8469 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 220 Interlaken, NY 14847
Telephone: 607-532-4091/Fax: 607-294-4032
Court in session: 1st & 3rd Monday at 10 AM, unless otherwise posted

DA day is the 1st Monday of each month at 10AM

Contact: Court Clerk, Mary Gregg

Office hours: Monday 9am-3pm, Tuesday 9am-2pm and Wednesday 9am-2pm

Adjournments: A request for an adjournment must be made 24 hours prior to any scheduled court date. Requests for adjournments will be considered by the Town Justice. It is the requesting parties’ responsibility to confirm that a request for adjournment has been granted. Failure to appear for a court date without consent of the presiding justice may result in a failure to appear and could possibly result in a driver’s license suspension and/or the forfeiture of bail.

Payment Options: Cash, money orders, credit cards, debit cards. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. A 2.99% merchant fee will be assessed on all credit and debit card transactions. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED BY TELEPHONE. When using a credit/debit card as your preferred method of payment you must either appear in person, or complete and sign an authorization form. Payments can be made outside of Office hours by placing in the Court’s drop box next to entrance.

Please INCLUDE a self-addressed stamped envelope when requesting an authorization form or receipt for a payment.

Vehicle and Traffic Infractions:
If this court has received an accusatory instrument alleging that you have committed an offense you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You have a right to have an attorney represent you now, and/or at any subsequent stage of these proceedings.

You have various procedural options in the course of bringing this matter to a just disposition. You may choose to proceed in any of the following manners, or any other legally authorized manner. You may consult an attorney for guidance or representation before deciding which course of action you may wish to pursue.

The Court may not provide you with a recommendation as to how to proceed or as to which of these options you should choose.

YOU MAY: Plead not guilty. By pleading not guilty you exercise your right to a public trial at which time the People of the State of New York, represented by the prosecution , must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that you have committed the offense alleged in the accusatory instrument. At the trial you will have the right to here, see, and challenge evidence submitted to prove your guilt, including cross-examination of the Police Officer Peace Officer, or any other witness or witnesses who testify against you. You have the right to have witnesses testify on your behalf and you may, but your are not required to testify on your own behalf. The Court will determine after hearing all of the evidence submitted at the trial, whether or not the People have proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and will then render an appropriate verdict.

Plead guilty as charged. By pleading guilty as charged you waive your right to a trial at which the People of the State of New York, represented by the prosecution, must prove beyond a R easonable doubt that you committed the offense alleged in the accusatory instrument. A plea of guilty will subject you to sentencing by the Judge presiding, to any legally authorized sentence. You may withdraw, with the Court's permission, your plea of guilty at any time prior to sentencing and exercise your right to a trial.

Or: Communicate with the appropriate prosecutorial 0ffice concerning an alternative disposition. You may contact the prosecutor or other official who is responsible for proving the charge or charges against you and negotiate an agreement to plead guilty to a legally authorized alternate offense, including a lesser included offense, or a less severe offense or offenses. Any proposed agreement is subject to approval by the Court. Upon a plea of guilty to the agreed upon offense, you will be subject to sentencing by the Judge presiding, to any sentence legally authorized to be imposed for the offense to which you plead guilty to. The prosecutorial office responsible for proving the charge or charges against you alleged in a accusatory instrument is the Seneca County District Attorney.

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Small Claims, Evictions, and Do-It Yourself Forms:
The court cannot give you legal advice. Information and DIY forms on these matters can be found at

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles:

Town Clerk

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8469 South Main St.
Interlaken, NY

Mailing address:
Town of Covert Town Clerk 
PO Box 265
Interlaken, NY 14847-0265

Town of Covert Court

Justice E.M. Schmidt

Court In Session 1st & 3rd  
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