Planning Board

The Agriculture Data statement is required by Section 283-a, New York State Town Law, for any proposed project that would occur (a) on property within an Agricultural District containing a farm operation, or (b) on property with boundaries within 500 feet of a farm operation located within an Agricultural District.

Permits/Application Forms:

Development Permit, Agriculture Data Statement and

Land Management Ordinance

Local Law #1-2009 Right To Farm

Historic Amendments to Land Management Ordinance

Town of Covert: Land Sub-Division Regulations


Planning Board

Planning Board Member  George Richardson
9500 Congress St Ext, Trumansburg, NY  607-387-6065

Planning Board Member John Swanson III
3131 State Route 96A, Interlaken, NY  607-532-4271

Planning Board Member Gerald Reynolds
3400 County Road 143, Interlaken, NY 607-387-9748

Planning Board Member Daniel Bakker
9632 Burdick Road, Interlaken, NY  607-387-3699

Planning Board Member Robert Schoffel
Hickok Road, Interlaken, NY 607-532-9977

Planning Board Member Eric Spiegler
8628 Powell Rd, Interlaken, NY 607-532-4121

Planning Board Member Daniel Borst
 8573 County Road 141A, Interlaken, NY  607-532-8303

Town Clerk

Phone: 607-532-8358
Fax: 607-532-4203


8469 South Main St.
Interlaken, NY

Mailing address:
Town of Covert Town Clerk 
PO Box 265
Interlaken, NY 14847-0265

Town of Covert Court

Justice E.M. Schmidt

Court In Session 1st & 3rd  
Mondays @ 10:00 am

Municipal Building

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